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  • Site is proudly built with:
  • Nuxt.js [Vue + Node]
  • Netlify [Deploy + Host]
  • Storyblok [CMS]
  • Github [Code]
  • Bootstrap [Style]

Some of my current projects

From time to time I build things. There's a whole lot of random code bits and pieces on my github.

These projects are usually rapid build prototypes of new tech or features. Often they don't make it to the public eye.

Here's some which actually made it out of the garage.

Open Source: Storyblok CMS + Nuxt.JS + Tailwind.CSS Starter Kit

Demo: https://nuxt-starter-kit.danbl.com/

Github: https://github.com/deeja/storyblok-nuxt-starterkit


I'm a big fan of CMS services that actually make life easier. Storyblok is one of these.

It's what the content of this site is hosted on right now!

This Starter Kit is a way of giving back after taking so much from the Nuxt.js community.

Open Source: Forza UDP Data Out (.NET Core)

Github: https://github.com/deeja/ForzaData


This was mostly for fun, and a bit to see if it would work. The game allows the output of data, via UDP, to feed simulators. I wanted to display a screen or "car dash" to show current progress and track times. The result is a bit brutal (a console app that updates realtime) but the core workings are there. Anyone is free to use this library how they see fit.

Site: Which Bike Tube?



I was asked which bike tube someone should get for their bike. I didn't really know what was available, so I started looking around. There didn't seem to be any single source of information on tubes or sizings. That lead me down a path of learning I had not expected.

Site: This site


For this site, I've pulled a varied selection of different tech and tied it together. Built using Storyblok CMS + Storyblok's JS library in combination with Nuxt.js, this site is entirely customisable.

Storyblok CMS is the Headless CMS backend. Pages and components are able to the added / removed in page, with the UI updated in realtime.